Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

The most joyous moment in a bride-to-be’s life is planning her wedding. Yet, as plenty of women have experienced, the tension of getting that perfect day off without a hitch is enough to turn even the sweetest of ladies into a Bridezilla. Relieving the stresses of planning is easier than you may think with these wedding do’s and don’ts.

Wedding Do’s

1. DO have your wedding picture done before your actual wedding day

As long as you are not hung up on the idea that it is unlucky to look for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding, this is the optimal time to have pictures taken. Everyone will be looking perfectly prepared and vibrant – making for the best photos. As an added bonus, you can move right to the reception and get the party started.

2. DO marry in the off-peak season

There is a peak time when more people are getting married and therefore the costs of everything from catering to the florist to the venues will be inflated. Save some cash and secure your dream venue by choosing an off-peak date.

3. DO keep your service and reception short

During the ceremony, you and your guest just want to get to the party. Keep track and try not to delay the wedding ceremony and reception – a recommended duration would be an average of three hours. This way, you and your partner can better manage the event flow and get started on your happily ever after.

4. DO engage someone to keep track of your guests

Mothers of the bride and groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, the bride, the groom – there are a lot of people who need to show up as a crucial part of the wedding. Arrange someone outside of the bridal party to help keep these key guests on point with the schedule.

5. DO plan your makeover a few weeks in advance

Brides want to look their best on their wedding day which is why it is important to make sure these minor details are in place. Start UV tanning a few weeks before the wedding if you want that sun-kissed glow. Have two or three run-throughs with your makeup and hair – even if you are doing it yourself – to make sure it looks the way you want and know how much time will be necessary to achieve perfection on your special day.

6. DO maximise the use of Social Media

Invite guests to upload their photos to their social media platforms where you are connected with or to use a unique and personalized hashtag so you can easily locate those photos not taken by your photographer.

7. DO find a gown that matches your body shape

Too many brides get stressed out trying to lose weight before the wedding. Be realistic and find one that flatters the figure you have. It can always be taken in if you lose weight before the wedding.

8. DO greet every single guest

Your guests want to feel important – so make rounds to say hello and thank them for coming before sitting down to eat with your new partner in life.

Wedding Don’ts

The things you do for your wedding are just as important as those things that you do not. Here are some things to avoid on and while planning the big day.

1. DON’T hold an open pub

We all have those friends who get a little too crazy when free booze is involved. Curb your guests drinking and keep things calm by offering a limited bar.

2. DON’T Be an over demanding Bride

You want the people who are part of your wedding to be available to help you and make your day bright. Don’t be too stressed and become an alienating bossy bride.

3. DON’T forget to assign tasks

Brides tend to try to do-it-all for a wedding. Be sure to delegate tasks to the bridal party and groom so that no one is under too much stress.

4. DON’T invite people who are not close to you

Weddings make us feel obligated to invite those distant family members or make us want to invite as many people as possible for the gifts. Invite those you actually want to share your special day with. It will be more affordable and even more special for the happy couple.

5. DON’T feel pressured to keep to wedding traditions

Today’s couples are skipping traditional vows, tossing the bouquet, and even the dollar dance. Set your own course and let your wedding be as unique as you are.

6. DON’T try to do everything by yourself

Stressing yourself over DIY crafts is unnecessary when there are plenty of affordable ready-made items. Find a trustworthy bridal boutique to ease some of your load and plannings, you will really appreciate their services.

With the right bridal boutique to assist your big day, you are almost there to the most blissful moment in your life. At Odelia Bridal, we offer outstanding services with assorted gowns for you to choose at competitive prices. Contact us today to find out more!

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