Tips on Planning Own Wedding For Couples

1. Put your guest as the priority

Estimate approximately how many guests who you would be inviting. This would help you resolve a lot of logistic issues for the wedding. By knowing the number of guests who are attending, you would be able to further estimate the number of tables, amount of food, number of waiters, size of the room, space needed for the dance floor.

2. Check the reward program on your credit card

As wedding is often high cost, you would be able to take advantage of the reward program for each particular credit card. Be it earning airline mileage, earning vouchers or winning a prize, it would be an additional gain.

3. Work as a team with your other half

They say teamwork makes the dream works and it’s certainly for your dream wedding. Who is the better teammate than your other half? Turn to your Fianc√© for help and make the wedding a fun and exciting event for both of you to look forward to.

4. Start planning early

Starting early always help! Have a clear plan on how you want your wedding to be, do a thorough research, estimate the help you need and the budget you would need to put aside to make your dream wedding happen! The earlier you get into it, the easier and less stressful it would be on managing it.

5. Book the best photographer you can

Your wedding album would be how you could relive all these wonderful moments. At Odelia Bridal, we have the best photographer for you and your dream wedding. You know who to call!

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