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Couple’s Guide to Avert Disaster

20 December 2021 | admin
Experiencing bad and dissatisfactory wedding photography is probably the worst wedding day disasters that could happen to any newly wedded couple. In the recent years, there is an increase in the news regarding couples disgruntled with the budgeted wedding photography package from companies that allegedly claimed to provide quality wedding photography services.
Odelia Bridal is here today to provide a guide to help couples to forestall hasty decision-making on the pre-wedding and wedding photography packages. Thus, preventing wedding photography disaster from happening.
1. Ensure thorough research is done
The most common mistake made by couples when signing up for wedding photography packages is not doing enough prior research about the bridal boutique or wedding photography company which they are engaging. In the modern days, consumers are often overly-enticed by the attractive promotion and pricing available in the market. Thus, making a hasty decision on signing up the wedding photography packages which they are not entirely sure of.
Therefore, it is incredibly essential for couples to do up comprehensive research on the bridal boutiques and wedding photography companies which the couples are interested in. Ensuring that the service provider is well-reviewed by other consumers, able to deliver quality wedding photography by viewing their portfolios and meeting your requirement for your momentous occasion with your loved ones.
2. Making sure the bridal boutique matches your style
Each bridal boutique has their unique selling point catering to their targeted consumers. From providing an extensive range of elegant gowns, the focus of developing incredibly beautiful pre-wedding photography portfolios to competitive price packages on targeting couples who are more budget conscious. Above all, finding a bridal boutique that could match your intended style for your momentous day is optimally crucial for establishing your ideal personal styling as well as the theme for your wedding day and your photoshoot.
At Odelia Bridal, our award-winning photographer, Rex Soon will arrange an appointment with you to get a better understanding of your ideal personal styling and theme for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Thus, recommending ideal locations and memorable captures that would highlight the theme. Furthermore, our talented gown designer and the make-up artist will also ensure that you look your best in your ideal style.
3. Optimal communication
Communication is the crucial fundamental for a team on achieving the work of art in the same direction. As brides and grooms, you have a part to play as well. Your photographers and bridal makeup artist are the creative heads that would be piecing the entire masterpiece together with elements contributed by you. With a clear annotation or discussion regarding your personal ideal styling to your photographer and bridal makeup artist, they would be able to have a clearer thought on helping you to ensure that your ideal personal styling or theme could be reflected in the photographs.
Moreover, photographers and bridal makeup artist would be able to provide you with directions or guidance towards achieving the specific art direction optimally based on your budget with the search of elements that best suits the theme (gowns, suits, shoes, props elements, style of makeup, hairdo, location etc.).
4. Check for hidden cost and coverage
Many bridal boutiques had often offer promotional priced packages to entice consumers to sign up the wedding photography services. However, it is essential for the couples to check for hidden cost and level of coverage of the wedding photography packages before signing up. These promotional packages in the market may not include crucial elements which are required to provide convenience or may further incur additional cost such as transport, flower bouquets, air tickets for photography crews and meals etc.
At Odelia Bridal, we are one of the only bridal boutiques in Singapore that provides transport for both local and overseas pre-wedding photoshoot as well as actual wedding photo shoot. Making sure that our customers get the best comfort, convenience and service experience for their memorable wedding.
5. No compromising in quality
Despite the attractive price packages offered by different bridal boutiques or wedding photography companies in the market, one should never compromise on the overall quality of beautiful moments captured for memories due to monetary bargain.
At Odelia Bridal, we believe that everyone deserves a perfect wedding. We strive on bringing details to perfection. Emphasising only the quality and not the quantity. Offering a one-stop bridal service solution and putting our customers’ interest at heart. Capturing your best moments by the award-winning photographer, Rex Soon and our talented gown designer, Jovin Ng who would ensure that you look your best on your wedding day.
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