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How to Ace Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot?

25 December 2021 | admin

Having to deal with brides and grooms on a day-to-day basis, our professional experience had taught us a few key pointers which couples could greatly benefit in regards to what to prepare and expect during the pre-wedding photo shoot.

1. Establish optimal communication with your photographer and bridal makeup artist to convey your ideal theme and style

Communication is the crucial fundamental for a team on achieving the work of art in the same direction. As brides and grooms, you have a part to play as well. Your photographers and bridal makeup artist are the creative heads that would be piecing the entire masterpiece together with elements contributed by you. With a clear annotation or discussion regarding your personal ideal styling to your photographer and bridal makeup artist, they would be able to have a clearer thought on helping you to ensure that your ideal personal styling or theme could be reflected in the photographs.

Moreover, photographers and bridal makeup artist would be able to provide you with directions or guidance towards achieving the specific art direction optimally based on your budget with the search of elements that best suits the theme (gowns, suits, shoes, props elements, style of makeup, hairdo, location etc).

2. Work towards your optimal figure constantly before the pre-wedding shoot

Everyone wants to look at our best during the pre-wedding shoot. Therefore, a regime (exercise and healthy diet) is definitely recommended to help you achieve to the best figure and to be photographed at the best time.
Moreover, it is also advisable to do your gown or suits fitting as close to the pre-wedding shoot as possible to ensure that the gown or suits fit perfectly to the body.

3. Prepare for the unexpected

Unpredictable changes in weather and other unforeseen circumstances may happen. Always have a Plan B in your mind while being unwavering by changes you can’t control and proceed with the next best option. Mentally prepare yourself for such instances for the pre-wedding photo shoot, keep an open mind, make the best situation out from it and ultimately, have fun!

4. Off-peak period

Choosing the off-peak period for your pre-wedding shoot would help you to escape hoards of tourists and avoid extensive flight cost. Most of all, a more enjoyable time overseas!

5. Trust your photographers, makeup artist and don’t stress!

Don’t panic! You got an incredible experience team with you (especially, the ones at Odelia Bridal). They will optimally take good care of you and ensure the direction you wanted never swayed. Be the best you and the best photo of you will come along.

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