Zen & Elin

We engaged Odelia in July 2016 during their open house for our wedding to be held in Dec 2017. We had our pre-wed photoshoot in Melbourne on March 2017, and our indoor photoshoot at Odelia’s studio in July 2017.

All in all, we feel very impressed, very delighted but also very sad. We are impressed and delighted by Odelia’s sincerity and services. We are sad because now that the wedding is over, we miss them.

I think no couples are easy to deal with and we are no different. Very often, we are either spoilt for choices or we are lost. Thankfully, Jovin and her team have been very patient and accommodating in guiding us.

Our full day photoshoot in Melbourne was enjoyable but also tiring. Yet, they have been very lively and helpful in assisting us with our attire and appearance as well as our belongings along the way.

Photos editing takes time – but when we requested for some specific photos to be edited so we can use in our e-invite, Rex and his team’s turnaround time was super fast. We are overly impressed!

The date of our actual wedding turns out to be a popular wedding season. Despite of their busy schedule, they have been very patient attending to our fussy and oftentimes last minute requests. We cannot be more grateful for that.

Owing to Team Odelia, our wedding was a success. To say we are glad to have engaged Odelia would be an understatement. We are in fact honoured to have them as part of our wedding.

Thank you so much Rex, Jovin, Ben, Elsa and Wei Ting! Thank you for all you have done for us.

Zen & Elin


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