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Bridal Beauty: Achieving The Perfect Bridal Glow

20 December 2021 | admin

Every bride-to-be wants the glowing face and body during the wedding day. In this article, we share with you some tactics on how to plan for your facials and treatments as well as some beauty tips.

1. Start your Skincare Regime Early

If you really want to get your skin to be in tip-top condition, it is good that you start a smart skin care routine about in advance.

2. Schedule Professional Facials

Your wedding is the ideal excuse for some additional pampering. You will want to book facial appointments to revitalise your skin. Skilful aestheticians will massage your skin, scalp and décolletage to stimulate blood circulation and keep your skin looking healthy. You can also request extractions where your beautician removes the dirt out of your pores.

3. Manage Excess Facial Oil

If you are on the go, blotting papers will help keep your face shine-free. If you need a more advanced grease solution, streamline your routine. Use a gentle face wash and oil-free moisturizer while skipping the toner. Excessive face washing will kick oil production into overdrive.

4. Eat Super Foods

Every skin type will require adequate water. Drinking water and eating naturally hydrating foods like watermelon works perfectly well. You can also try cucumbers, grapes, tomatoes and kale.

5. Use Skin-Specific Moisturizer

All moisturizers are different in certain ways. Look for one that caters to your skin concerns. For oily skin, you don’t want to add much more moisture, but you do want to hydrate. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid or ferulic acid, both of which help your skin maintain water. For dry skin, stick with the hyaluronic acid or ferulic acid, but don’t worry about finding an oil-free formula. Your skin craves moisture. For breakout-prone skin, choose a moisturizer that’s noncomedogenic. It should say so on the bottle. For sensitive skin, your go-to is a fragrance-free product.

6. Reduce Sunspots With an Acid Peel

Peels are designed to slough off dead skin and bring new, fresh skin to the surface. To make the most of these spa treatments, you’ll want to book a series of peels. Start with six different sessions, each two weeks apart (so skin has time to recover). If you have a full year until the wedding, it is recommended to schedule this treatment twice a year.

7. Use Concealer (the Right Way)

Unlike with foundation, your final layer of concealer isn’t meant to be totally blended. Dab it right where you need it with a pointed brush. Then, use your finger to pat the perimeter until it is smooth.

8. Hire a professional Make Up Artist

Trust your make up artist to perfect your bridal glow on your big day! Try out a few looks with your make up artist in to creating the glow you prefer, subtle or bold. Together with the right diet, skin care regime and touch of magic by your make up artist, you can confidently strut down the aisle with radiant beauty.

Put on your best look and shine during your wedding day! Together with the best bridal shop in Singapore to assist your big day, you are almost there to the most blissful moment in your life.

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